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Monday, April 03, 2006

god the girl and a sarcastic story

People hows it going

well im off to spring harvest, i spend most my trying to get in a good plac ewith god. i figure th eone place he really resides is Butlins Holiday camp. Most the yr Butlins is filled with drunk filled chavs who listen to garage, red coats who are trying to make it in the world of fame, and young girls called tracie who have had enough of the chavs so are trying to finally lose their virginity to a red coat. When i say lose that indicates they havnt lost it before. with the girls who go to butlins that isnt the case.

confused - u shouldnt be, Butlins id not a godly place, except for 1 motnh of the magical year when easter comes arounf. Then in the form of sprig harvest Jesus chosses to reside in Butlins, he packs up his shorts and sandals takes a bloody long journey and ends up in skegness or minehead. Ansd there he stays until the end of spring harvest whene some of the people who found him choose to take him home. Many forget to take him home, some take him home for a while and then lose him while others take him home and cherish him and then produc him 100 fold.for unphrased version look up(Matt 13:18) Thats a paraphrase for the sewer ad the seed and the sewer.

so off i go.

im actually quite excited to go aways for a month. Alots happened in the last motnh since coming back to NZ, i went to new Zealand to try and get over an old girl, to find myself afresh, i went away joined ywam for a few weeks, went treavleing on my own - pulled a 6-went back to the ywam base for a few days, got forgivness and came home. came back ready for my new life as a christian.

Bumped in to the old girl i went to new zealnd to get over-hadnt seen her in 6 months, and decided it was best for both of us if we started journeying together again. So im going back out with lauren, but jus i hear u cry, havnt u 2 broken up twice before. No its actually 3 times. and this times different because as i said ive been to ywam and im off to spring harvest so nothng can affect me.

if u thpought this post was just sarcastic banter ur in for a suprise:

It is actually funny how little can change in a year and then so much can change in a month. Needless to say im a bit excited, ive relaised how quickly things can change and if we remain constant in certian areas we dont nee dto worry about change. This is actually what my post is about. like uni, tough ride with realing that charismatic stuff is pretty much bolocks and the bilbe is also at best stories letters and accounts for events that represent truth and allow us to find truth, and at worse pretty much bollocks. But God is a constant and so my dounts never beat me and i rmeain faithfulish as a christian. same with loz to some extent, get dumped a few times- quetsion what happened but remain pretty much constant to what i believed the first time round so again seemingly loads of change but in a way no change at all.

The point is in the last 3 yrs and the last year especially ive relaised how quickly things can been thrown at you, its swings and roundabouts and in some very christian evengelical ive relaised how good it is to have god as a constant. even thought thoughts change my wrestle with him has been constant and its good.

sorry for the lenght and the inability i posess to spell check

Sunday, March 05, 2006

All or nothing

Ok seeing as Jon going veggie and the other jon has just had the past 2 years of his life vulnrably spalshed out on his last post i was hit by the idea of all or nothing. Actually what i htought was how many characters we have in this community who probabaly fall into that category. tim pringly myself- these arnt subtle characters.

i know for myself that if i do somehtinging i usually take it very seriously (htose who were at the kabadi tournemant can testify to this) or alternativly i just cant be botheres with it at all. like last week i had this job to do for this guy i 'work' for, and i litteraly did nothing, i just stared at the comp beccause i wnat motivated - it would ahve taken 4 hrs and i probabaly spent 8 hrs infront of the comp and did about a 1/4 of what i was spose to do. But when i put my mind to something i do it with alot of energy.

Now that could be to do with motivation. But as scrivs life and jons veggie shows, certain attitudes have big roll overs into our daily lives. For me its the same, theres just no subtley- no grey. if i dont like someone they generally pick it up and if i like someone they generally feel quite loved.

So wheres the grey. In what aspects in life do we need to hold back - faith? realtionships? eco green shit? going veggie.

Or every time we do these things should we do them and be like YES! This is what its all aobut?

hope that makes sense

Friday, February 17, 2006

Wahey Scolded!

Being an egocentric type fella i decided (as ive done before) to look up my name on google searc. And noticed under my blog is written

Notify Blogger about objectionable content

Wahey. Needless to say theres nothing objectional about blog, i simply named it by my favourite subjects. if i was a 6 yr old girl my blof would be called

dancing, mummy and daddy, getting presents and my little pony. But im not, im a 23 yr old load so gays sex women and wanking was the obvious choice.

ok so heres the game.

imagine your 15 and u have to write a blog name based on your 4 favo things:

what would your name be

ill start

mine would be

football drinking mates and girls - pretty shit, try and be alot more inventive then me!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

here i am lads

sorry for the absense people

ok where i am and where im at?

im in new zealand for a month. first week christian teaching, second week community project. i lead a team to a refuge for young girls found in prostituion, they were away for the week so we did up there house.

it was good

mates lifes good this end, just been processibng alot of shit in my head. theres actually some quality xtians out there, who pelive in the same stuff as some of u boys, leftys for christians perhaps slightly right in the normal world. but gopod stuff focusing on living by principle sof action going out to the needs not wainting for god.

ok so what ive learnt

ok firtsly i leant a bit about origional creation - going through old alogoric genesis, i dig that story. god made male and demal in his image (that was adama - not manle adam). then god wnated adama to be in relationship with another being so he split the being in to 2 to love and work with each other in brought the female bart of the being ionto being.

its awsome man we were mad eto live inr elationship with woman, never menat for breakups heartachs ()yes and gays not thast this is what the blogs about - but theres my belief)

we menat man to live in relationship with female kind.

ok foget that my next point

heard a great quote

augusitne said god the divine became human so that humans can then live a mroe divine life

bonehoeffer said the divine became human so that humans cvan live more human

the point = take some fuckign intiative with your live speople, this is what the chap wa ssaying. we were maf de human, live like it. i guess its spose to stop us been apathetic, trying to show the huge potential we have in life. mate its so true how much we can achieve. think abotut he little initiaives, this blog, gings eco watrrior craze.

the guy who started join me that cult that millions of people joined just because they wnated to do something.

i dunno im turnign24 in 6 months and i dobnt wana waste time. this isnt overtly christian its just baiout we were mafde human. humans cana cghieve and acomplish and affetc others, we can do alot. but many of us just do enough to get by.

alright enoug

lets hear it people - what u thinking?

ps really sorry not gonna read through this and ive typed fast.

hope its not too bad

Thursday, December 08, 2005

for u more light hearted bloggers

Reunion potential this christmas?

all us x brum and co, cat timmy tales bex's new bloke and anyone else?

let me know your thoughts

following on the slefish 'jons dad' is he or is he not' coverstaion

F**k this 'were all nice people shit'.we can try and counteract our slefishness, but we are fundemenatlly flawed.

this could just be negative christian bullshit, but i genuinly believe it-were all ourselves, and if we are about the 'other' its often becaus eloving the other gives us value. Although to sloghtly contadict my rant, i do believe we can go on a process to live for the 'other' which would in turn make us less selfish-but that journey is counter our human nature)

the fact thta im too selfish to properly love outsid emyself is one of my strongpoints for still holding on to god.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

im in

im in such a weird place

im in this kinda post uni post girlfriend post charismatic pahse where im just waiting ntil life is normal again.

tried praying out loud with this guy, and wa sjust like this is so surreal didnt really feel like i was talking to god although believed i was.
same with heaven, been reading the narnia chronicals (more commonly known as the chronicals of narnia) theres alot of heaven alogory, especiall in the last battle (the final book) and i was thinking about for so long how much hope i have had in heaven and just couldnt actualise it in the way i did prior.

didnt hold the same tangiable hope as it did. as if lewis and all just hold heaven as this magical place, which to some extent we can actulise on earth, but really look foward to post death. i mean there no way there is no life after death and i dig heaven. DIG IT. But it just isnt the same strong belief as it was

so there it is fellas and females.

prayer/heaven/ and beeing in between life pahses? what do u have to say

to john rob scriv the 2 tims and all the other regular blog users-sorry for the recent absenteeism

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lifes comforts

People slippers are important and can quickly become one of those things that makes life that little bit more cosy, i know benny brown scriv and jon matthews are slipper fans and i also heard robbe kool is in with it.

any recommendations for some new slipperwear would be much apprecited as i reckon im due a new pair?